Introduction and Scope

Air Indus is backed by a Group of Companies that have an established reputation in the engineering, automotive and hospitality sectors. The Group’s portfolio comprises of major projects undertaken by the Group itself as well as in collaboration with reputed international entities.

The inspiration for the formation of Air Indus came when the key stakeholders of the Group realized that the aviation business in Pakistan was in stagnation. They very strongly felt that no Pakistani commercial airline even came close to set international aviation standards and consequently no Pakistani airline could be labeled as being “World Class”.

The impact on the travelling public was that the passenger was being charged high prices for a service that was sub-standard in terms of both quality and safety.

Keeping this situation in mind the stakeholders came up with a business model that would transform the face of Pakistan’s aviation industry with the induction of a truly “World Class Airline” routing to all major as well as sub cities of Pakistan-something that no current airline in Pakistan does.

Air Indus was born.

It was at this time the Government of Pakistan made certain changes in the Aviation Policy. They enhanced the standards and pre-requisites required to establish an airline in Pakistan and applied stricter controls and scrutiny before a license to operate could be awarded.

It took many months of diligent effort and perseverance by a team backed by the stakeholders to produce a revolutionary and sustainable business model that would satisfy the new Aviation policy requirements. The end result was that Air Indus became the first private carrier in Pakistan to be given a license under the strictest of policy conditions and in a transparent manner; this is just a first of our “firsts”.

The vision of our Chairman to transform the air travel industry is now a reality. Unlike our competitors that operate on our target routes, we will never take our passengers for granted. Our passengers will be treated with respect and will be provided with the highest possible standard of customer care. We will be the first Pakistani airline to focus more on domestic routes to provide choice, punctuality regularity and relief for the travelling public.

The Chairman and management team of Air Indus welcomes you aboard with a promise that you will: